pictured left to right: Pat Kirkhope
& Jody Hranicky

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Pat Kirkhope Kirkhope Construction

In 1992 Pat Kirkhope received his degree in architecture from Kent State University but decided that construction would be a better fit. He started as a carpenter and worked his way up through the facets of residential and commercial construction. By nurturing relationships with successful people, he grew Kirkhope Construction into an established and respected company over the next 22 years.


Jody Hranicky Hranicky Construction

In 2002, Steve Hranicky left a partnership in a major firm to start Hranicky Construction with his son Jody. He brought along with him 30 years of experience on commercial projects. Working side by side with his father, Jody learned firsthand from a seasoned veteran the skills required to succeed in the building industry. Together they quickly built Hranicky Construction into a prominent company that was in constant demand.



In 2002, Steve Hranicky was introduced to Pat Kirkhope. A business relationship quickly developed that allowed Pat to work with Steve and Jody on various Hranicky projects over the next 11 years. Then, in 2013, Steve Hranicky passed away without warning. Despite the chaos that followed, Jody and Pat pressed on to forge a new relationship, a new company, and a new future with the formation of Hranicky & Kirkhope Construction.


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